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Welcome to the City of White!

The City of White, Georgia is named for its first Postmaster, James A. White. The original charter is dated August 7th, 1919 as The Town of White. This was amended in 1962 and it became The City of White. White is located in Bartow County in Northwest Georgia.

Relatively steep ridges and broad valleys characterize Bartow County’s topography with elevations ranging from a low of approximately 600 feet (where the Etowah River leaves Bartow and enters Floyd County) to an approximate high elevation of some 2,400 feet.

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2021 Annual Water Quality Report



As we prepare for extreme temperature drops this week, the City wants to remind you to prepare for and avoid frozen water pipes and meters.

To help protect residents and businesses from the cost and headache of dealing with frozen pipes, let your faucets drip in below-freezing weather.  This will help keep and even flow of water moving through your internal plumbing system and prevent freezing.

Thank you and we hope everyone has a safe and happy Merry Christmas!

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