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Incorporated August 7th, 1919 Seal

The City of White, Georgia is named for its first Postmaster, James A. White. The original charter is dated August 7th, 1919 as The Town of White. This was amended in 1962 and it became The City of White. White is located in Bartow County in Northwest Georgia.

Relatively steep ridges and broad valleys characterize Bartow County’s topography with elevations ranging from a low of approximately 600 feet (where the Etowah River leaves Bartow and enters Floyd County) to an approximate high elevation of some 2,400 feet.

Bartow County is entirely within the Coosa River Basin, but lies in a complex geologic area where the Blue Ridge, Talladega and Northern Piedmont geologic provinces converge, consisting of igneous substrate rock formations, while the Ridge and Valley Province is comprised of sedimentary rock formations. The conjunction of all these geologic provinces has resulted in a mineral-rich area. Prominent geographic features include Allatoona Lake, Red Top Mountain, Pine Log Mountain and the Etowah River.